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Testimonials :

Client: Michael Mohar Spfld VA.

Keep up the good work, and advised teaching a course in appliance repair at community college to keep the skill alive.

Client:Michael Homendy Fred. VA

The service was really good, The technician was knowledgeable, nice and friendly and looked clean. "Iwas impressed with their honesty. Staff spent time going over all options."

Client: Frank Reider Mclean Va

Found company on Angie's list.com. I was happy they were able to fix my vintage appliance with skill and parts.

Client: Donna Beardsley Fairfax VA

I got exactly what I paid for What I liked best in using this contractor was the customer service from Bonnie.

Client: Patton Clark Burke VA

This is the first time I've used this company, I would strongly recommend them. What I liked best was their friendliness, professionalism and telling me what was wrong.

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