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Customers who are serviced by All American Appliance get our handy tip guide.
This guide helps customer often prolong the life of their appliance and let's them know when to call for service.

Minor problems can lead to costly repairs of not addressed timely.

This guide is normally 3 pages long so here are some basic tips. Most of these tips  are common mistakes we see out in the field.

Never put metal in the microwave, Many small children meals have a very little edge that will cause burns to the cavity of the unit.
Keep the interior of the microwave clean, as it can catch fire from grease build up.

Dryer: The leading cause of dryer failures are either blocked vents, or the unit being pushed back too far against the wall which blocks the air circulation.
Make sure to clean pockets of coins as these will get stuck in the heater housing possibly causing it to short.

Washer: Turn off water at  the shut off valves when not at home. This is something most customers do not do the (dishwasher) should have the water shut off as well.  There is always current to both the washer and dishwasher. The valve which is on both units can actually call for water even when the machine is not in use. Too many people have come home to a flood, so turn off  the water supply.

Customers should check all safety equipment from time to time to make sure it is working. 

Older homes may not be up to current codes, make sure these safety devices are up to date and in place, Make sure when/ if you have a new appliance installed that the company that does the installation brings it up to code.

Refrigerators: Never try to defrost any frost build up with a sharp tool, knife or otherwise. If the refrigerator or freezer has frost it's time to call for service. Keep coils cleaned this should be done every six months. Dirty coils not only result is improper cooling, but can also cause damage to the compressor. If you have pets or a lot of activity in your home, then the coils may need to be checked more often.

Disposal care: Most cleaning tips you have heard are NOT recommended.
Coffee grounds or eggshells do nothing to clean or sharpen the blades. In fact, the coffee grounds/eggshells will clog it.

Ranges: Drip pans and bowls serve multiple functions for a range. They are there to catch food and spills. They also help radiate heat back for better efficiency. However, it is important to NEVER cover them with aluminum foil, as this could short it out.
Buying replacement parts at Home Depot, Lowe's etc. is not advised as most manufacturers have a patent on their parts.
Parts purchased at the above mentioned stores are slightly off and create more problems. In this case cheaper is not better.

Make sure to register any new appliance purchase. If there a factory recall on the appliance this will be the only way you would receive a notification of a recall.


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